Saving a floating point Texture to File

hi all,

is there any way to save a texture in the format A16B16G16R16F (coming from dynamic-texture) to any kind of File?

i tried the writer-node with any file-format but no success.

so, either i missed some point here or someone can confirm that this is technically impossible?

thanks in advance

dds format should work.

no, i tried … it was the closest/best one, but hasn’t got the whole range … is hdr only 12Bit?

i tried it with a static GPU-Particle System - comparing the dynamic Texture with an image. hdr was best but the particles were kind of clamped.

will try to provide a sample patch tomorrow

dds MUST work
are you sure you set the floating point format when loading the texture (in FileTexture)?

I’ve spent the last year trying to do this :(

It’s not just writing the file, I run in to the issue as soon as I rerender the dynamic texture in the patch. If someone can demo this working that would make my day. I’ve gone over the renderer and dxtexture setting again and agian…