Save New Patches Path Problem

whenever I want to save a new patch that’s just been created with CTRL+SHIFT+P, the directory in the saveAs-dialogue becomes c:\

this used to be the same directory as the parent patch and is an annoying usability bug. reproduceable.

strange but looks like it’s some more major prob, cause on 23 it’s the same after new DX.


(edit: aja, already implemented, yeah!)

hmm doesn’t work with my setup and beta25. working from a network drive, might this be the issue?
default path is now the vvvv installation folder.

same on local hard drives.

oops. i actually fixed some in the aread but not exactly the one described here. so you should already note that Open and SaveAs… dialogs now open with the correct paths initialized. just not yet for a previously unsaved patch. now fixed for betas>25. thanks for insisting.