Sanford Multimedia Nodes need's update for 64 bit. TodoMap 64 bit

Hey joreg, Sanford dll’s need update to work with 64 bit todo. (78.0 kB) (54.7 kB)

what makes you think so?
anyway this is better suited for a pullrequest on github.

took me already a hour to understand why my midi controller is broken ;]
gonna take another one to do a pull request
i was sure jullien did that already not sure why thay are not in the build

but of course they are in
thats why i am asking what makes you think they are missing?!

thay not missing the one’s are shipped with beta 33.3 missing 64 bit midi support, and that the ones julien fixed when we had this issue earlier.

yes, this is true, the sanford dlls which are floating around in the internet are using int instead of IntPtr for interop which makes them 32-bit. currently looking into that issue with vux. upcoming versions should have that fixed…