Samsung Touch Overlay ZY-TM40LCA/EN - Mouse click event


does anybody have experience with a touch overlay screen badly recognizing click events inside a directx renderer?

touches recognized well:

  • on windows desktop
  • in vvvv with rendererHTML

have to touch slowly or swipe a little to recognize:

  • directx renderer
  • gdi renderer

tried with:

  • latest beta
  • latest alpha
  • renderer left click output
  • mouse system/window/devices

thanks for any ideas

here’s a thread with the same problem:

you can perhaps interpret the mouse movement as a click and react on the upEdge(if it stops moving). that worked for me on an elo touchscreen, that also didn’t give me clicks.

in latest alpha have you tried with the new touch node? see keyboard-mouse-and-touch-news

hi sebl

that just blew my mind a little, thanks.
and i just made an unpretty workaround with an html renderer and a directx renderer that gets scaled to zero with setpatch…
i’ll definitely try that!

thanks, tried them after talking to gregsn.
it showed the exact same responsiveness.


i tried the mouse-difference-to-simulate-a-click thing, and it looks really promising.

but whats happening is that i only get every second click.

it works consistently for every click as long as i don’t connect it to the Cursor LeftClick input.

any ideas what could be causing this?

it’s working now using the mouse difference.

i had to add a small delay before the click is simulated and a period before the next click is allowed MonoFlop (Animation)

otherwise only every second click was registered.

the current and last position is compared with FrameDelay (Animation) and a small threshold for EQ (Value)

thanks for saving the day, sebl!

i think i did it like this (open perhaps.v4p). but maybe i misunderstood you, because this seems too simple, or your device is crazy jittering.

perhaps.v4p (5.3 kB)
mickeymouse.v4p (13.0 kB)

hey sebl,

i hope to be able to compare what works better.
for the time being the project is done and everything
did hold up.