Samsung SUR40 points in vvvv?

hello people i would like to know if anybody has experience with the samsung SUR40 multitouch display and how to get the finger data in vvvv…
it works . its stable?
it works with the Microssoft Surface plugin?

hi geometrica i think there was a table like that at node i saw some people using it with v4 there, dont remember who now hopefully will appear soon ;D


I tried to get the touch-data with a surface-to-tuio bridge ( It works perfect for flash-applications that use tuio on the surface 2, but somehow the TUIODecoder from vvvv can’t interpret the recieved data.
Anyone has any idea?

I updated the Microsoft Surface Plugin by @u7angel)) and ((user:jens.a.e to surface SDK 2.0 and send them a pull request. Maybe they’ll update their contribution. For now you can get it here:

I only tested with the simulator though.


@bjoern, you can add new stuff to contributions too, right?

Yeah I think so. I just thought the thing should also be tested by someone else beforehand.

At node, we used the surface-to-tuio bridge if I recall correctly and that worked quite well. On the vvvv side though, the TUIO node didn’t work and we used an old release of the MINT framework which happened to already be on the Surface PC there ( Now, MINT is publicly available and you could try that out.