SAmpler State

Hi all
How do i connect a sampler state class node like address or a
TEXTURE STATE node like TexCoords to a template or Gouraud shader ?
I seems that i can only connect it to vvvv dxmeshes like quads, but i would like to tune texture coords on my own Xmesh…
Any help welcome,

you have to change the code inside the shader directly:

sampler2D g_samSrcColor = sampler_state
Texture = ;
AddressU = Clamp;
AddressV = Clamp;
MinFilter = Point;
MagFilter = Linear;
MipFilter = Linear;

its the same syntax than the node i think

and for the texturcoord , you have to do it in the vertex shader to …

thanks sanch

nope, i can’t make it workin’
i just would like to scale down the texture and remove the tiling… (with an “address” node)

i’ll look into it deeper, but this code doesn’t create a “sampler state” input pin on the shader…

you never get an input pin for the sampler state, you have to code it.
AddressU = mode
AddressV = mode

look at the node to see the modes …

he franzi…if u get it working, can u put the shader online ?

sometimes, i’m a lil’ bit slow at understanding things, i’m sorry about it

it was “border”

here’s the template shader…

Template (1.2 kB)