Sampler not spreadable in DX11?

Hi guys! I’m trying to spread FileTexture and play with tyling mode
(Wrap, Mirror, Clam, Border) but look like all the parameters are spreadable but this!

Or, do I have misunderstood something about TransformTexture (DX11.TextureFX) ?

SamplerVVVV.rar (29.4 kB)

you could try using a switch statement
I’ve used to to get rid of techniques not being spreadable…

I guess you mean somewhere inside the TransformTexture (DX11.TextureFX) ?

Texture2D tex0: PREVIOUS;
SamplerState s0 <string uiname="Sampler";> {Filter=MIN_MAG_MIP_LINEAR;AddressU=CLAMP;AddressV=CLAMP;};

cbuffer controls:register(b0){
	float4x4 tTex;

	float2 x0=mul(float4((x.xy*2-1)*float2(1,-1),0,1),tTex)*0.5*float2(1,-1)+0.5;
	float4 c=tex0.SampleLevel(s0,x0,0);
    return c;

technique10 TransformTexture{
	pass P1

man, I’d really love to be able to do it XD

About sampler I’ll check, could well be spreadable, no reason why not. I’ll try to get it sorted for next beta release.

For technique (since it got mentioned), it’s not spreadable (of course) for a reason, main one being that you can set macros in patch. In texture FX they should tho, since in that case it doesn’t apply.

Also it makes logic bloated (due to layout validation), and is not future proof (for few bits which are still in progress).

To share variables between shaders and not make a mess of a patch, much cleaner options are available eg: render semantics.

Can you please submit an issue in github by the way ;)

done! its n. #97