Sampler (DX11 Advanced) missing in MRE mdmod 2.1 !?

I just updated to MRE mdmod 2.1 only to find red nodes. Digging down it shows that the node Sampler (DX11 Advanced) seems to be missing (see screenshot).

Anyone know why it is missing or where I can get it from. Everything works fine with mremdmod 2 in both 31x64 and 31.2x64.


Silly me, i didn’t insert the image:

@microdee where are you?

Everything is working fine, but I am sure he wouldn’t have left those nodes in there for fun and constantly having red nodes just makes my eyes twitch and prevents being able to distinguish between other errors.

If anyone has that Sampler (DX11 Advanced) node, please kindly make it available here.


Strange, they fine here, I might have already fixed them.

So fixed for next release )

Thanks for getting back @vux. I just noticed that the Sampler node doesn’t have its own file like i first thought, but is in the vvvv.dx11.nodes.dll file. But it just seems like it can’t find it. Of course I am using the latest version of the 64bit DX11 pack.

So it will be in the next release of the DX11 pack?

Kind of strange not many others have noticed it, although at least one other person has too. Maybe its only in the 64bit version, which i think less people are using. I only use the 64bit version though, as 32bit has memory limitations I can’t work around unfortunately.


Ah ok in 64 bits, just checked indeed there was an error,


[Input(“Maximum Lod”, DefaultValue=double.MaxValue)](Input(“Maximum Lod”, DefaultValue=double.MaxValue))
protected IDiffSpread FInMaximumLod;

Works in x86 but fails in x64 (go figure):

[Input(“Maximum Lod”, DefaultValue=float.MaxValue)](Input(“Maximum Lod”, DefaultValue=float.MaxValue))
protected IDiffSpread FInMaximumLod;

sorts it out.

So indeed, fixed for next release ))