Sahder help, metaball blobing spheres

Hey everybody

I’m a colaborator of BiciNoids projecto on MediaLAB Prado in Madrid, part of the VISUALIZAR 08 workshop.

We need to know a way to visualize some circles or spheres not like a single objects, we would like to have a “blob” or metaball generated by the spheres we have.
We have been looking to the metaball shaders and looks very cool, its almost what we need, but we are not shaders writers (yet). We are talking about 380 spheres, they will not be moving around but increasing and decreazing its size. there is any way to make that work?

Any suggestion will be very appreciated


perhaps you missed MetaBallsSpreaded.fx on the User Shaders page, which is spreadable (aka can do as many balls as you like). if that does not work for you, you can try Spot.fx (also infinitely spreadable) in ‘untextured’ technique and run the results through a second renderpass to enhance contrast / create balls from the blurs by using something like Levels.fx

You are right, I missed it. It works now, thank you