S-video extenders

last year I used a 15 meters s-video cable with the Blackmagic Intesity USB3 capture card. The signal degraded even though I used a good quality cable.
I see one can get both passive and active s-video to CAT5 extenders, is the active option any better about signal quality, or is it just adding meters to the maximum range?
Any advice, brand, etc?

Since S-vid is an analog signal, you could also consider a Booster/Amplifier to go longer lengths.

I think that is what is an “active” extender right? Any specific brand?
I don t need a long run (about 15 meters) but I do need a good signal, so going back to my question, will an active adapter do any good for 20 meters?

The only thing I ever used are booster-splitters, but if you don’t split it is just a booster. But look like it as an audio signal amplifier, so you need power (active) to boost the signal. I know we use 50 mtrs cable without troubles.

The specific brand we used are semi professional Extron and Kramer boxes. But for your 20 metres any cheap (30 euro’s I found) will work.

If you go via CAT5, do they convert it to digital in between?

The mostly common passive adapters don t. They just move the signal to twisted pairs as far as I ve understood.

try to get opsrey-210 for s-video capture, should be cheap and have hardware de-interlacing, plus the quality is perfect