S R global variables making troubles with enum list

hi… i m using < a lot > ( 20 to 30 ) R and S nodes to work freely in my patch. i m using Svvvitcher Blend fx for my fades and so on.
This fx is always at on moment showing wrong enum entry, when there is too much global variables.

is it a bug from the shader ( and how ? ) or is it bug from vvvv ?

bug_enum.jpg (113.5 kB)

try to disconnect the IOBox (Enumerations) and store the setting within the pin.

i still don’t trust the whole enumerations thingi.

sometimes IOBox (Enumerations) does list items from other nodes, especially in conjunction with shaders.

hi kalle,
i changed the number of technique inside the enumeration box, and resolve a part of it.

1-passed times on cleaning bugs form S node: when dubbing it with Ctrl D, the name of the variable is not cleaned to dev null. this is part of my troubles and makes appear the trouble of enum pin, trouble is somewhere hidden in the patch.

2-reduced to the 9 main effect i need from blender.fx (svvvitcher one): seems to have cleaned the troubles

3-surely a bug in array attribution in memory from enum pin and string fields from global variables

this is a known problem without a known way how to reproduce it. if you find a simple way to cause wrong enum-entries please let us know.

hi joreg … suspecting wrong size of a S texture node somewhere…

will try to make it wrong as simple as possible…