Rutt Etra effect

hey guys;

I dont know if something like this already exists, but at moment I’m working on a patch which should realize the rutt etra effect. I’m quite new in the vvvv world so my solution is really noobish I think.

and thats the problem: the performance of my patch is really weak. the best solution I get is 200x200 quads. so I thought there must be a better way to realize my idea. in my mind using quads isnt a clever idea. do any other 2d meshs exist which can be rendered on the gpu? and how difficult is it to wright a shader for this effect?

I hope you guys have a solution for my problem :)

greetz msi

oh and sry for my bad english ;)

pixel.v4p (142.5 kB)

technically you don’t do that like that.
with dx11 you can do it even with 3 nodes i think, just add a simple displacement to shader

pixel11.rar (3.4 kB)