Runtime217 error and crash on startup

hi, wanted to have a look at vvv, but as soon as i fire the app up it crashes out on a runtime 217 error windows gives me some message about an error in kernerl.dll and spits the following txt file out. This all happenes b4 the interface even has time to flicker into life

I’m on windows xp home ,intell cpu, geforce4 ti graphix card ,m-audio soundcard if that helps in the diagnostics in anyway.

appcompat.txt (17.9 kB)

this is a new error, which we never experienced before.
from your specs vvvv should run without problems.
as we dont have a huge test lab we need your help to find this bug.

which language version of windows do you use?
do you have full access on your registry and your hard disk?
are all your devices properly installed (especially audio, midi, video and human interface devices)? (see device manager)
what model of sound card are you using?
please run dxdiag.exe (should be installed with directx on your system), save the results, and send them to us. gives some technical information about that error, in case that would ring some bells somewhere…

dx diag txt file enclosed.

none of the possible causes of the runtime217 errors on the delphi webpage rang any bells.

i have full aceess to HD and full install rights

devices are properly installed acording to the device maager…and all work properly otherwise.

my soundcard is an M-Audio delta 44 and graphix card geforce 4 ti 4600 these both have the latest drivers.

DxDiag.txt (57.4 kB)

huh. strange.

is the m-audio an usb-device? if so try unplugging it and then start vvvv. mm…ia. maybe just a bad idea. any other strange devices attached to your pc? is there maybe an onboard-soundcard that is not properly installed? but you said no yellow exclamation marks in device manager?

joreg - hmm. the windows path is C:\WINDOWS1, not C:\WINDOWS. can that be a cause? maybe some dll is not found? error 217 is thrown when an exception in any intialization section is thrown before sysutils is initialized. is a mess and features many unanswered posts.

i know this error very well, its caused by my yamaha ux-256 usb-midi-device. the error occurs if the device is not connected. to solve it, i move the .cpl driver file from /windows/system32/ to the desktop.

hope that helps …

i’m not at home for a few days so i can’t test tonfilms suggestion. BUT…I too once had a yamaha usb 8in 8 out midi device but sold it, forgetting to remove the drivers from my pooter…this sounds like it could be the problem…will removing that file from the system32 folder remove the yamaha usb midi driver completely (without effecting any other devices)? I can’t find a way to remove it…short of plugging another yamaha usb midi device in so the pc registars that it’s there and switched on then removing the device drivers (all references within windows to the driver disappear once the thing is unplugged).

looking forward to getting vvvv running when i return home.

guess i should register and get a name other than annon on the forum too, at some point!