Runtime exception not visible under 2021.4.11

Hey all,

I’m running an application that uses the experimental ObjectToJson node. I have Pause On Error set to true in the settings.

Under 2021.4.11, when this node is executed (in a ForEach Reactive), vvvv freezes for some time without reporting anything. An LFO I have to monitor if Update is running just stops, the IDE does not go in Paused state.

Tried the same thing in 2021.4.10 and there, the app correctly pauses and circles ObjectToJson in pink with this error :


I tried wrapping this ObjectToJson node in a Try region and printing the error message in the Console under 2021.4.11 but vvvv stops running anyway.

Can you attach a patch showing the issue?

We also fixed something similiar in the 4.12 previews already - so could you do a test run with those?

In the middle of a setup right now, will give it a spin when things calm down a bit :)

Thanks for the feedback though.

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