Running vvvv on mac --> how can i solve my keyproblems..?

i’m recently trying to get started with vvvv! yohoo :) Beacause i use mac i’m running windows xp on some kind of virtual pc on my mac. i’ve been trying to work trough the tutorials. In the section “hello world” im supposed to change the color of the render (GDI) with the following instructions:

o the right mousebutton and drag up/down to change brightness,
o drag left/right to change the colors hue or
o press CTRL while dragging to change saturation.

This just want to work for me :( How can i find out which key on my mac keybord corresponds to a certain key on an ordinary pc keyboard?

I would be very happy to talk to someone who has managed to run vvvv on a mac! Or anyone else who has any ideas about how to solve my problems??

all the best

hi. here is an exe that can perhaps help you, its giving you ascii code and the letter you have pushed.

but its right that codes for Keyboard are not at all the same from mac to pc ( youpeeee…).

hope it can help… (391.6 kB)

or create a Keyboard (System Global) node and observe the Keyboard output with the Tooltip of the Mouse.
Now press the various keys on your mac keyboard and check how they get observed by vvvv.

on a sidenote, i strongly recommend using bootcamp to circumvent problems like these and get more performance.

main trouble is that scan code (ref number in decimal or hexadecimal) from mac to windows are not the same !

if oschatz says to observe them, it means vvvv is waiting for ascii codes like “65” “66” “67” or “H7”, and not letters like “A” “B” “C”…

a part of those refrence numbers is common between mac and win, but not on letters and numbers…

you have a link to those reference under windows here:

maybe this freeware could be useful, as i didnt find any mac ascii table to help you find your correspondance:

i basically expect the keyboard outputs between a native windows machine and a emulated windows machine on the mac quite the same. after all emulated windows programs do kind of work (at least on this basic functionality)

I agree that windows (and vvvv) doesnt really expect an apple key, do this would be one of the more interesting keys to test.

with Mihov ASCII Master i can now see the ascii of my keys. fun :) but doesn’t solve my problem…

what i don’t understand is that right-click works but right-click-scrolling doesn’t works. might it be because i don’t use an ordinary mouse, but that kind of mouse a laptop has???

is there another way to change the background color values of the render?

(right-click is ctr + left-click)

fine, a real mouse is the shit! :D

perhaps change of emulator ?
or other vvvv s mac user enounters the same troubles ?

Marja, using vvvv on a MBP I can only recommend:
– BootCamp
– a proper mouse with click-wheel (not Apple, I use a MicroSoft Intellimouse for 15 €)
Input Remapper, this let’s you map your keys (obvious one, eh).

Good luck, Patrick

people here seems to like BootCamp! i’ve been running windows xp through the program MVware Fusion for one week now and i guess vvvv works almost fine. so i’m pleased. but you think there is still a reason for me to change to bootcamp?

as long as vvvv works fine for you, i don’t see a reason to change a winning team :)

largely depends on what you are doing with vvvv. i think advanced dx9, port communications and all else quite win specific may be prone to errors or just slow. your mileage may vary!

I really recommend doing a proper dual boot install of windows if that’s possible. I don’t think DX9 rendering works properly otherwise, and you don’t have to bother with workarounds for key presses and the like.

It’s like having two computers!