Running vvvv_50beta36_x64 in 2 separate threads - 2018


is the answer in this post still ok? I tried to copy the vvvv.exe but I can’t get it running… Is there any different solution to force the vvvv process to a specific CPU core?


edit: It seems that I can’t run the vvvv.exe if I rename it…

look at the /allowmultiple parameter

The /allowmultiple is working fine, but I want to force the first vvvv instance on the first two cores and the second vvvv instance on the third and fourth core.

Then SetProcessAffinityMask should work (I must admit I never used it though)

EDIT: afaik vvvv is single threaded so that is not possible

SetProcessAffinityMask (Windows) is exactly the right node to assign an instance of vvvv to specific cpu-cores, see its helppatch!

@io while vvvv’s core is inherently single threaded, some nodes and foremost VL do use multiple cpus.

Thanks the SetProcessAffinityMask node is working perfect.

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