Rtx 2080

Does anybody have already tried an rtx 2080 with vvvv ?

i have access to a 2080ti - if u have a test patch i can check it for you.

As microdee mentioned in another thread you wont be able to use new features like RTX in VVVV but I have a 2070 at home and it works really well with vvvv.
Nothing odd happened so far and the performance is nice.

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thanks, I just noticed that there was already a similar question in the forum and I read the discussion. I am waiting mine , so I was just wondering if anybody else had already an experience from rtx2080, or even any plans to port shader model 10 capabilities in vvvv. But it was clear enough, so consider this topic as closed ! :D

shader model 10?? oh wow I completely missed out 4 major versions there! :P

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you werent there :P yeah, I dont know what I was thinking. Probably I had in mind the CUDA 10 (shader model is 5 or 6 I think ) . But thanks for pointing this out ! :D

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