RS232 node broken

Trying to get an Arduino running, but the RS232 node is red, and the COM enumeration doesn’t work. Going backwards, the last vvvversion it works on is 29x86. I’m using Windows 8, 64 bit Lenovo laptop. Any ideas???

have you seen this remark in the demo patch:

If you’ve connected your Arduino board AFTER starting the patch, you have to update the port list in oder to see the port Arduino is connected to: Just bang the hidden ‘Update Port List’ pin of the Arduino node and the port will appear.

Yes Joreg thank you. It works, although it starts red no matter when I plug in Arduino.
Also, my plan is to use one or more 12 bit 16 channel pwm/servo driver shields to run a series of luxeon RGB LEDs, whose colors will go along w/ projected visuals. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick pixels with pipet, split the color w RGB split and send those numbers straight to Arduino
If anybody has done anything like this I’d be curious to hear how it went.

check realtime-led-control-with-teensy3.xoctows2811

the teensy is basically an arduino on steroids. you can program it with the arduino ide and it behaves just like an uno (or rather like a hybrid of the mega and the pro), but it is powered with an arm chip with up to 96MHz and plenty of memory.