Rs232 in subpatch

i’ve a big patch with subpatch and one of them
control an arduino duemilanove (motors) and a standard RS232 controller
everything is fine but if the subpatch is visible
when the subpatch is hidden the standard RS232 controller still receive data’s but the arduino’s don’t!
is there some priority settings somewhere
i’ve a spread list that feed the rs232 (spreadable) node for both the arduino and the standard RS232 controller (14 slices)/
any ideas?

me no understand. patch por favor.

explanation not clear at all :)
in fact the problem is very simple !
subpatch visible=working hidden= not working

for the test i use a prolific usb-to-serial adapter + a serial port monitoring program

see patch amigo

rs232 (14.9 kB)


the patch is too big for me to dive into. please try to reduce the patches to the minimum amount of nodes/spreads that still show that problem. if you can provide a stripped down case that would greatly improve the chance of this bugger being fixed.

see stripped down patch
if SubPatch is hidden no data in the Com port monitoring program (3.0 kB)

You need to feed rs232 a bang for every packet you have ready to send. Setting it to 1 will only send the first packet. Retrigger the send every time you have a spread of values ready to fire. Think flow control.

thx for reporting. fixed for beta>25.1

i’ve a similar problem
my subatch contains the Rs2323 spreadable node
if the subpatch is open it works if it’s hidden no data sent to com ports
tested on vvvv beta27

@guest: couldn’t reproduce your findings. everythings ok since elias’ fix.

you DID use the right version of the addonpack, right?

yep right version
i think the problem is not related to the rs232 node
but to vvvv subpatch state: visible/hidden/evaluate new great feature
i found a similar bug with a simple image reader in a subpatch
if it’s hidden it doesn’t work (no texture out) if it’s windowed or in a box it works

i’ve to clean my patch and find how to reproduce this!
the evaluate works great but sometimes have to force the refresh of
input pins / iobox values…

then please post a simple example that we can reproduce.

since it is a sub patch problem, could it be related to this: