RS232 and performance

Hi everybody,

I’m reading datas comming from an rfid reader.So when there are a lot of tags in front of the reader, I receive many datas in one frame.

This makes the framerate fall to 2fps and the PrepareGraphTime get very high in the perfmeter.

So it’s kind of freezing v4 for 1sec and this is not nice for my application :)

As I dont instantly needs thoses datas, how could I make this going more smoothly ? Is there a way to set a kind of “rs232” buffer size? Which could keep the amont of datas and split it into different frames ?

Thanks by advance your help

hi rogerlette!
uhm, no, afaik. what do you mean by “lots of datas”?
the default buffer size for a serial port on windows is 4kB. these should actually not really choke up a frame. what baudrate are you using?