starting (again) with my first steps in vvvv…
My recent problem: I need rounded rectangles used in the directX renderer.
In GDI it’s easy using “GDITexture” to get the output of the GDI-renderer into the EX9 enviroment is a way, but I don’t get rid of the GDI-Renderer background.
Is there a better way? Is it possible to get the background away by chromakey or alphachannel?

DX9 has the node SPHERE for circles. Also a SEGMENT can do that.

Nop, although the GDITexture node has a hidden pin to also get the alpha-channel, it doesn’t seem to work. (looks like a bug to me)

I attached 2 patches with 3 DX9 circles.

Edit: Like Sven said… GDI is CPU based, and slowing down your patch.

Wazzthis.v4p (7.5 kB)
CircleLine.v4p (4.3 kB)

Use the blend node to set the render state to “color as alpha”.

But I would suggest to use Textures with alpha channel instead, to avoid GDI slowing your app down.

Can you get alpha out off a GDI renderer??

Oops, you wanted a roundrect, ehh… no standard node for that, you might like a pillow I am sure.

But yes, drawing a roundrect with alpa and saving it as a. PNG is the best way to go. read here for best textures properties. Here

thank you so far…
I already testet the pillow. but I can’t get it to a rect with roundet corners and sharp contour.
Using a *.png instead will be ok, I checked it the days before (painting them with photoshop).
This is pretty fine, i can have a texture on its surface and you have the all the alpha oppertunities. But I’v to paint all the rects one by one.
What I had in mind was using just a spread of parameters and generating rects with a texture_and_rounded corners in the patch.
I think the only way is building a mesh out of a set of parameters and rendering it with the FlatDirectional Node. Than it’s still possibel to to, whatever I want to do with it. stony way, but seems possible.
Are there any blur effects, to unsharpen the structure like Pillow, but with free meshes?

hi der_olli,
what about this quick hack?
it is not really the same like the GDI-sister.

RoundRect (EX9).v4p (11.9 kB)

Hey Kalle,

Great, thats it!

Thanks Olli

Wow Kalle, nice one, was trying something like that, nice use off the ArbitraryPoint!!

yeah thats a cool one… can you make a module out of it kalle please? i allready tried, but i had problems to make it spreadable correctly (the radius param).