Round LED Screen?

For a small installation I would like to place a screen as close as possible behind the glass of a round window (approx. 70 x 70cm).
(It is intended to depict an abstract eye that responds to the presence of people by tracking.)

One possibility would be to work with a projector and foil - there would be enough room for that.
However, I am looking for an efficient alternative for long-term operation with low power consumption / heat generation.
Resolution does not matter so much, it can be pixelated.

Is there something like a modular/felxible LED solution that you can recommend?

You can build your own led “screen”. Use pixelstrips with a protocol like WS2812 or similiar to build your “scanlines”. Choose your power supply accordingly to your pixel count and brightness and do not forget about power injection every ~2 meters since the voltage will drop.

Inside VVVV really simple - pipet your video and send the values via ArtNET to your RGB pixel mapping controller

Many out there, also cheaper ones but I worked with those a lot and can recommend them.


Yes Advatek is a good choice. They also have models that can control more strips

Or you can try this:

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