Rotate child meshes


hi all,

I want to load a scene with multiple objects in vvvv, and then rotate each object in object space.

I tried setting up my 3D file with null files which have thier axis in (0/0/0) and then center the axis of each child mesh. But vvvv ignores the null objects and puts all meshes @ (0/0/0).
When I build my 3D file flat hierachy and center all object’s axis, same result.

tried obj, dae and fbx.

is there a way to do this?

#2 can cope with transform hierarchies pretty well


Very nice…

It still ignores null objects, so if you want to be able to pick all transforms you must not use null objects. I used boxes for parents and sift out the unnescessary meshes. Now scenegraph can select all transforms.

Let me know if there is a slicker way to do this,