Rolling back videoplayer and residiual frame in texture

hum, i m fighting since two or three shows with surely a stupid thing:

i m remoting this video player in art net with noe channel doing alpha + play.

each time i m launching it in a complex patch this subpatch, i have the residual of the previous position of the image when it was stopped. the seek is not really updated in the texture.

as certain videos are entering cut, i m having usually the last frame played from this video previously on screen, before launch of the video from its beginning.

any idea, ( something else than frame 0 ) ?

video player.v4p (6.0 kB)

Hi karistouf , not to sure why you get this frame ,happened to me before , maybe do seek when in and out sort the problem with or with out little delay .

i attached some little utils i use as players ,maybe helpfull.

cheers (8.2 kB)

yes, looks like a framedelay is missing somewhere, maybe switch the quad of after you seek, because if the quad isn’t rendered the video texture will not evaluate.

ah… i understand now. thanks tonfilm, i will modify my patch. and thanks color sound i will have a look at your players ;-)

hi… me again ;-)

ok using framedelay works perfectly here seeking to pos 0,

but … i m still having a remaining image IF ( and only IF ) the Seek position is different from 0.0000s. And a latency of seeking ( hudge patch) of 0.5 to 1sec to seek the video.

Any idea or am i still missing something in terms of programmation ?

video player (2).v4p (11.3 kB)