Rodin DMX

Just got myself a peperoni DMX in and out dongle, but Im having some troubles.
I’m finding it hard to get a reliable output, sometimes the output sticks at a value, eg I find it hard to get a blackout, set all channels to 0 and I still have some level, set it to 0.01 and its black back to 0 and its on slightly again.
If I slowly reduce level and use 0.01 as off it still doesnt work, I have to set to 0 then back to 0.01
Anyone had anything like this?
I usually use artnet and have not come across this before, is it the rodin, or dashard in general?
Also is there likely to be support for the DMX in on the peperoni? It would be very useful to me!
I think Jan is up for developing it if necessary, seems like a helpful guy

dear catweasel,

i used several Soundlight USB-DMX interfaces which also use the DASHARD.dll and i never ever experienced this.

all these interfaces seem to be OEM versions of the SIUDI-EC from Sunlight, so it is very strange whats happening to you there…

oh, just saw this:

in and out dongle

maybe this is something slightly different to SIUDI-EC, e.g. the SIUDI 5C mentioned at the same site. perhaps this needs some different driver?!?

I was wondering that, I’ll mail Jan when I get a chance, and see what he says!
Cheers Kalle


Hi Catweasel,

Did you ever get the Rodin lead working? I have the same thing going on with a rodin USB trying to get a dmx signal to an aytronics dimmer. Any ideas how to fix it?

hey collin, use soundlight node, or little_cat ( see my userpage). Rodin is based on dashard.dll and should work.
there is different access in dashard dll and one is specifiying “use with OUT” or “use with IN + OUT” type of devices
with little_cat, if the pb is this one, i m talking to all kind of devices. it should work ( hope so)

karistouf is referring to the DMX (Devices SoundLight USBDMX) .

make sure that you put a copy of the DASHARD.DLL into the folder containing your vvvv.exe!

There was a firmware problem, he sent me a new version and it works fine now. The in doesnt work however but I hadnt come across the in and out dashard, is that a diferent file? (47.5 kB)

if In is not written, it cant work. no rodin at home, but if you would like I can write a blind part ( no soundlight 1 at home)for little_mouse.
you can like this test it and see if it works with Rodin.
if i remember well dll is written for IN or Out, not the 2 together. so, opening out will not allow In, but i may mistake…

Really I wanted the option to use In or(and) Out in vvvv! I’ve been using magicq for dmx control of vvvv via artnet, but wanted a analogue method as well…
Cheers though!

ok. i will have a look on the code to make implementation of In. hope this will work. question: does little_cat works with your rodin in output ( if littlecat set as Soundlight / or as sunlite )?