I am working in Vvvv with audio reactive!

I have my audiocard with 2 microphons and i use audioin (bass asio). I put 2 channels in channels count to have stereo. Than i connect it with RMS (bass). This node is very precise in the data output. I like it.

My problem:

With RMS (bass) i don’t know how i can take left and right. I mean with RMS (DShow9) it is simple, i can use for example vector 2d for take these information. But with RMS (bass) don’t nothing appears! I can use FFT (bass) but it is more inaccurate for what i need!

Someone can help me? Maybe it is so simple…

Thanks in advance :))

I would recommend to use the VVVV.Audio pack and use the Meter node. It works with as many channels as you like and also has a smoothing parameter…

Thanks. I am Cheking it.
Anyway i can’t take this information by RMS (bass)? there is a method? I need just take the noise from the microphones.

Now for the microphones are ok with VVVV.Audio.
I saw that with Filestream (VAudio) does not always work. For example i can’t connect with VSThot because it crash or not work together! or when i call the node and i put play it not respond. Nothing happens!
If i have a sound track and with filestream (Vaudio) i open it and then i want change, for example, the frequency. How i can do it? with VSThot? but don’t work me together …

Thanks a lot