Right mouse button not working properly (Win 8.1)

(Sorry, super tired and busy.)

I’m having serious problems when changing IOBox and pin values by dragging rmb. This only happens on my laptop with Windows 8.1, on my main computer with Windows 7 everything works perfectly. Sure the laptop’s resolution makes it somewhat difficult to hit the pins but when I push the button and start dragging mouse up and down it either works as expected or, usually, loses the connection and screws things up by accidentally hitting a wrong node or something else.

Has anyone encountered these kind of problems? Oh, using vvvv 45beta34.1_x86. Thanks in advance!

Imho, if cursor

it’s a hardware issue.
But it’s this ^quote:guest:
or something else
that should be clarified, like, does it drag the patch’s canvas around too? Or does IOBoxes menu pop up? The driver on my laptop makes it that, if I touch the pad while keeping a button down, I usually have to Ctrl Z or re-type values, etc.