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hi all,

are there any solutions yet for working with rich text in gamma? I found @sebl s project, but it seems abandoned. So, how do you all circumvent this problem? Do you render HTML or bake your fonts into images?

Are they any plans on bringing rich text to gamma, or is there already a nugget I might have missed?

Afaik using HTML is the most readily usable solution. I would go for that :)

VL.Richtextkit certainly needs an update. the last time i checked, it was working partially…

this is my fork of the lib, the head of this branch was used for the vl wrapper:

Maybe it just needs a merge with the current richtextkit (with respect of the skia version referenced there and in vl).

here’s a merged version of the lib that could theoretically work (untested, uncompiled, even unopened). in case someone want’s to give it a try.

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ookay, had fun over lunch and did a small update. looks like it’s working as it should. here you go: (1.4 MB)
if there’s need, i can also make a repo and a nuget.


Greatly appreciated, thank you!

repo for reference: