Rgba, hsva(split texture) in dx11

how to go about splitting colorchannels in dx11 ?
someone has this nodes working ?

There is hscb node has all the functions inside

i can get the hue channel with hscb?

There should be colorspaces.fxh, there is rgb to hsv, to hsl and back…

someone is willing to parse this basic items in a sponsored way ? pm maybe ?
nodes will end up public at once

Hey Cote can you just describe exactly what you want to achive, i mean this bit blurry to me…
In any case, you can knock me on skype if you want.

im after this nodes: rgba(split dx11), hsva(split dx11) and possibly hsla (split dx11)

But what you want split like? Readback to values vvvv style? It will be slow but it’s easy to do, you can have it already with pipet dx11
Or this sopose to be like a hue texture?

In any case if you want that back on CPU from GPU it will be slow.
Anyways can do you test when I’m back to pc

i am after the four greyscale texturesthat make up a “complete” texure
just like in the dx9 counterparts: rgba (dx9 split), hsva (dx9 split), hsla (dx9 split)
only in dx11

Ok now that’s clear and easy ;)

beeped you on scaip

RGBA (Split, Join).zip (24.0 KB)

super thanks Antokhio, this is spot on ◎
do you want to push this into addonpack ?

more like to dx11 pack

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