RFID + Keyboard

The RFID unit I’m using acts like a keyboard - when the RFID tag is scanned an eight digit code is written. If Notepad (or Renderer TTY) is selected and the RFID tag scanned, the code appears.

Using the Keyboard input node does not give the same result, sometimes a letter appears, sometimes not. I guess it’s something to do with the speed of the incoming code.

How I can get the code in to my vvvv patch?

Maybe the reader spits out more than one key per vvvv-frame.
Try the Buffered Keyboard Output pin on Keyboard (System Global Legacy) – you can copy the node from inside the new Keyboard (System Global) module – together with Tokenizer (String). Also check if the firmware of your reader allows to set some kind of end-of-line character that can be used as Separator on the tokenizer.

Thanks bjoern I’ll give it a try tomorrow and report back.

Here are my results.

The Keyboard Buffer in Beta 30 did not work. However, in 29.2 I had good results. Please see attached for my patch on how to get RFID data from a reader that acts like a keyboard in to a vvvv patch.

RFID keyboard (27.6 kB)


Most likely… I’ll post to the bug forum when this project is out of the way.

since beta30 contribution)-retrieves-the-keyboard-state-at-node-evaluation.-for-details-see-update-to-mouse-keyboard-nodes.-that-also-means-that-it-will-miss-certain-keystrokes.-the-old-node-(pre-beta30)-installed-a-system-wide-hook-(see-msdn),-which-was-responsible-for-some-nasty-UI-freezes-and-application-crashes.-so-we-decided-to-get-rid-of-it.-if-you-can’t-live-without-that-feature-have-a-look-at-the-((contribution:global-keyhook) posted by @herbst in the above mention blog post. it works in the same way as the old one.


You can refer these rfid readers firstly.

by the way, could you inform more information about your project?
maybe i could help you.

i am engineer in rfid solution.