Revert to saved

the ‘revert to saved’ function needs to have a confirm dialogue. It’s not the first time that I loose a lot of work, when I wanted to go to ‘save as’, which is right next to it, and mistakenly chose the wrong menu entry. :(

oui. i moved the entry in the menu further away from the “Save As”. hope we can avoid a confirm-dialog.

I’ve pressed CTRL&R (revert) instead of ALT&R (show root) a few times when I first started using vvvv. I had a real fear over going anywhere near ‘Show Root’ after loosing some work rushing a project about to go live. After that I started using the menu to show root in case of mistake again. More confident these days. Confirmation sounds like a good idea to me.

+1 from me!

been there multiple times…

this is now implemented as if you would delete all instances of the patch - and would then undo that.
as a side effect it will ask if the patch itself or some subpatch should be saved. typically you would hit no, since you just wanted to reload.
after that all the instances of the patch are inserted back to their original places. you won’t loose links any longer in the repsective parent patches.

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