Reverse IO box function

It would be nice to have a function on the IO boxes which when enabled takes the value from the node below when the IO box is first attached. It then automatically changes back to a normal state with the information stored.

Make sense?


It seems that IOBox is going to be improved in the next release.
If so I’d like to see the possibility of an inbuilt LTP feature, whereby:

  1. whilst the input value isn’t changing, the user can change the value in the IOBox
  2. When the input changes it overrides the user’s value.

This would allow for much ‘better’ interface controls, i.e. visual feedback and hand control simultaneously.

Also I’m thinking midi mapping would be gorgeous ;-p. I think it’ll be possible to make a module full of SetPatch’s which could perform this.
Is it possible somehow to see which NodeID and its ParentID are currently selected?

in general, you shouldn’t use IOboxes to control your patch in realtime, because they stop the whole programm when changed by mouse. use them to tweak parameters and set constants. for realtime controls you should use a GUI in a renderer, here you can patch any behavior you like, have a look here:
Custom GUI Method Collection

I think it would make a good pluginm, if someone fancies it, a spreadable number or set number of sliders as a gui, DX interfaces are good, but use a lot of cpu if they have more than a few controls, my vj patch runs a 60+fps with no gui, at 25-30 with.
Another plugin gui idea would be a buttons plugin with textures input for buttons…
MAybe I should just learn to code…
not enough brain cells or time though I think!