Return Vector2 in CSharp CS-file using Stride.Core.Mathematics Problem

Hello Together - I was playing around with Csharp and Gamma - I’m kind of dyslexia with written code and mybe it’s a little problem but I don’t find.

I read through the following Links but also couldn’t solve my red node:


Maybe I did an Error in Including a DLL or make wrong settings in the VL-File - I don’t know - so I add the ZIP of all files included. (89.2 KB)

thanks for hints and comments

Added Stride.Core.Mathematics nuget as dependency and changed the return type (was float needs to be Vector2). Works now at least for me.
CSharpNode_Vector2problem_b.7z (75.9 KB)

VVVV seems sometimes to revert / overwrite the changes made to the project in visual studio.
I installed the nuget for example, it got listed in the Solution Explorer under Dependencies -> Packages and Vector2 was recognized as type. But then suddenly the Packages entry disappeared again (and the using directive and the Vector2 were no longer recognized).

Also vvvv doesn’t quit correctly when this patch / project is open, the process lingers in the taskmanager.



Once we have a stable version of 5.0 out the situation should improve slightly because VL.Core will then be hosted on and our “new project” wizard should be able to set the reference from the start.

Regarding the dependency disappearing. I did the steps locally on my end but couldn’t reproduce. I guess we’ll need to keep an eye out for it.

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