Return user path issue

I have been away from vvvv for a bit and I am restarting some old vj projects hopeing to make some new content.

I am having a a pathing problem that I am not sure how to fix. I deleted my old version of vvvv and downloaded the latest version into a folder in my dropbox.

I have a “modules” folder that I am placing exmples from the contirbutions section of the site. Right now I am trying to get the Svvvvitcher to run.

My problem is that many of the subpatches are red. When I look at the path they start with %VVVV%. I am assuming that this is my vvvv instal dir. Is there a file that I can modify to explicitly change the variable? what is the best way to go about re-setting up vvvv on my system?

Thank you for the help in advance.


if they are modules, make sure that vvvv loads the root.v4p in its directory. you can check that with ALT+R and then read the instructions in the root patch.

if they are normal subpatches, you did something wrong in the first place. you should never alter the vvvv contribution. only exception is when adding the addonpack or other user packs like DX11 or the ImagePack.

hey thanks,

I had totally forgotten about the ALT+R key stroke. I set up a contributions folder like it instructed and everything works great. I also found out that I had installed my addons not in it’s own folder, but over the base vvvv install. I think that was causing a lot of problems as well.

One more pretty disturbing issue though is that now my kinect node is not working!! When I brink it in, the node just turns red. I had this working pretty steady in an older version of vvvv.

The device is working. I checked it in the SDK from MS, and the pathing is correct for the .dll file. Is there anything else I can look at to try to troubleshoot this.


do you use an older version of the kinect node? i think they were upgraded some times. and its also crucial to use the exact version number of the SDK for which the node was build. check: kinect

Hey thanks for the info. I am still having some problems but I have started a new thread as it is a different topic than the one in this title. Thank you so much for the help.