Return type: texture


i just got into that subpatching thing and am now creating modules to fight the always growing complexity of nodes for media editing (-:

now it´s just an optional thing, but i would like to subpatch a tty renderer that just prints the text i set for an input pin of the patch. now i´d like to return a gdi texture. i revealed the dynamic texture node, (just by writing this question i think i know, why there is no inverse of the dynamic texture node - omg!)…

anyway, is there a way to pack a data type that is not included in IOBox(.) to a patch return type? or do i have to save the rendered texture as jpg or else and reload that?

greetinx, and hoping to come up with more focussed questions next time (-:


note that the iobox (node) works for all pin types which are not value, string, color or enum. so it´s the one for textures, transforms, videos and many other nice things…

Sorry to be pedantic but I think your head is upside down, this must be very unpleasent. I put it right for you… :-) There, that’s better. It’s important we follow conventions ;-)

with a head moved to where it belongs to the friday morning coffee just tastes better…

thank you both!

and notice that i follow the convention not to follow the convention (-: