Retrieve information about a Record

Hey, is there any way to retrieve information on which data a record holds?
I am trying to implement a generic load/save function that will take Spread<Channel<Record>>
And save it as XML
For example, I’ve got a record that holds ControlSource<Int32>, ControlTarget<String> and Data<Float32>
This Reliably saves it, the pad holds Spread<Channel<MIDIMappingInformation>>

And this will load it back into the spread of channels

I’d like it to behave in a way where any Record that gets plugged into this is evaluated on what it can hold and this is then how the XML is formatted, the Root element being the name of the record, also holding the datatypes in the attributes, and the children representing instances with values being attributes of those.

Is this at all possible? I couldn’t find anything that provides information on a Record.

Classic ask question after trying to figure it out and then figuring it out right after asking the question, hope this is useful to someone


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