Retopologising a mesh

does anyone know any external tools to do this?

I have a mesh with varying sizes and shapes of polygons, some very ‘long’.

I want to distort the geometry using a vertex shader but for the result to look smooth I need to subdivide the mesh. If I do a standard subdivide action in something like blender, by the time the large polygons are small enough, the polygons that were already small are too small:)

I think there exist some retopo tools that will even out the size and shape of polygons in a mesh.

Maybe retopo isn’t exactly what I’m after. I just tried using Blender’s remesh function which does a great job of rebuilding the mesh using similar sized polygons, but it inherently smooths the mesh. The mesh I’m using is a very angular building so that doesn’t work for me.

I guess I need something that will add edge loops on the longest edges, subdividing the largest edges/faces first

Is there a knife tool in blender? I’d use something like that in cinema4d, I’m not aware of an automatic tool to do it, although it would be nice!

If the topology of the model is correct go with insert edge loop tool…
…by hand…

For paid programs, the zremesher tool in zbrush is just pure voodoo- never seen anything else come close. If you are looking for free I’m not so sure, possibly meshlab might have something though, it has a crazy amount of features hidden away.

Playing with the knife cut tool now. Mmmm this will be fun.

@everyoneishappy - Can the zremesher tool keep the same topology? Ie preserve existing edges?

Well it is by definition changing the topology, but if I understand what you are asking then yes, it does a great job of keeping the shape. Be happy to try it on your mesh for you if you want.

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Yup, same name :)