Resume from hibernate renderer errors


when I set up our SLI-system to render 4 (rather complex) renderers (one on each DVI output), they are not recreated properly when the system returns from hibernation (using the fabled Björnboot HORM principle):

  • In Windowed mode, renderers stay blank.
  • In Windowed mode with very low conmplexity patches, sometimes they do reappear properly.
  • In Fullscreen Mode, renderers either
    ** stay blank
    ** show memory trash
    ** or bluescreen on me from out of NVsomethingsomething.DLL

I have the latest forceware drivers (97.94).
Note that when the patch is started regularly from explorer, all windows build up o.k., always. This only ever happens after hibernation.

The fix:

  • before hibernating, hide the renderers (alt+3)
  • on resume, set the fullscreen mode on each renderer with 5 seconds delay in between.
  • in my patch, it didn’t work reliably with just 3 seconds delay. But 5 seems stable.

I suspect some memory peaks in the GPUs or other ressource scarcities may be the problem? How would I diagnose those? Is there something like a performance graph tool for such situations? What’s different between starting a patch and returning from hibernation?