Restore midi-data and midi slider position (at restart vvvv)

midi datenausgang sichern und wert wiederherstellen.v4p (46.8 KB)

I have a quite different approach.
From the experience of once upon a time where the midi was disconnected and I had to restart everything to get back control. I changed my thinking into using a separate instance of vvvv to handle midi control, send it via UDP and be able to restart just that patch if midi control was lost. I did however need to be able to restart the patch with the previous parameters, so I basically save all midi controllers into a file every second and then on load of the patch, I read the controller file and use LTP (Value) to set the controllers to the values from the controllers file.
LTP (Value) is set to takeover mode pickup for the midi controllers and takeover from the file which is only loaded on startup.
This way the parameters will be set to what they were within the last second before the control is lost when it is started again and you just tweak the midi controller to “Pick up” the values as you need to tweak the parameters.
No weird reset needed.
midi2udp.v4p (18.4 KB)

On the receiving end, I just use UDP to reeive all controllers and getslice the parameters I need.

PS I have a version using VL that can auto connect to midi devices, but since there is no enumeration IOboxes that work in VL (is this still the case?) I have chosen to go with the old patch here.