Resolution independent output

helos, anybored these days?

thinking about resolution independent vector output i came up with this simple svg-rendering proof of concept. see attached.

note that .svg is an open standard xml format that can be opened for further processing by many tools like adobe illustrator or can be converted to other vector formats (.pdf, .eps) easily.

i’ll not invest further into this for now so anybody interested please go ahead. would be nice to have a set of useful modules one day…

even though this still could be rather limited to 2d graphics because i am not sure if there will be ways to simulate depthbuffering, shading, textures,…
also what about the svg-transormations? can we use them instead of applying all transformations to the primitives points (as i did in the Quad (SVG) patch)?

for any further digging you’ll like the official svg specification as provided by the www consortium.

happy youregg. (7.0 kB)