Resizing nodes while in debug mode

if you change anything in your patch while in debug mode, nodes in action get resized because vvvv is tending to fit in the whole name string whitch is larger when CPU load numbers are displayed.

while in debug mode i am trying to change things, apply different approaches and watch for overall CPU load of my subpatch or module. if the patch in question is visualy designed to help me track certain connections and the logic behind them i get angry when it gets messed up.

since there is no specific reason to change the size of nodes at all, it would be great to include 'don’t care about size during refresh’ kind of behaviour to debug mode.

what do you think?

let me add another wish to this thread.

i would like to have a feature to show frame dependancies between nodes
could be a second debug mode?!? CTRL-F10?!?

e.g.: the inlet of a FrameDelay (Animation) is green and the outlet is blue because its one frame later. also all other downwards connected pins and nodes. another FrameDelay (Animation) connected in series has a blue inlet and a red outlet because it’s another frame later.

is this understandable?

especially with all that tracking issues (fast changing spreadcounts, coming and going blobs) and their needs this would be a very helpful feature.