Resize Quad Texture (Kinect player) but no repeat

Hi every one, how are you?

I’m working with a project that involves Kinect Player Node, this texture is applied to a Quad Node. The thing is that standing at 2 meters aprox. the player image fills almost the entire screen and in most cases if I stretch my arms the image is cut.

I wonders if this is directly related with my distance with the kinect? or Is there a way to make the Quad fullscreen, but the player smaller, so he could walk around the screen freely but without cuting his arms o legs? ;)

I hope you understand the question ;)

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the greeting, There is no zoom function with kinect so you shall place it in right position to avoid getting cropped. You can scale down the texture though but not something out of kinect’s visible frames

If space is a constrain, try using multiple kinects(maybe tricky to get both textures stitched seamlessly).