Resetting Problem

This patch is intended to measure the time lapse between the pressing of two keys. When i press S, it starts to count, and when i press P, it stops the counting.

The main issues are:
-If S is pressed during the time counting, it stops the timer, i want something to block it from stoping the chronometer.

-S continues turned on after it’s pressed, is there something to reset its state to off - after it’s pressing - without stoping the chronometer?

-I press S and the chronometer starts, i Press P and it stops, but if i press P again, it gets back to work, is there a way to make P disable itself? Like… When i get the counting done, i need to switch something so i can get a new counting.

PS:.I’m attaching the refered file.

Thanks in advance.

AookamiCounter.rar (3.3 kB)

wow, this is quite a work around they way you’d normally do that. pls see attached.

stopwatch.v4p (5.4 kB)

Thanks for it.

You did a much better job than mine, i’m quite new to 4V. Thank you.

I would ask about a component which is better than the Timeliner, but i found only it who could do the job for me. Now i know the Stopwatch.

I press S and the timer starts, when i press P, it stops, but if i press S again, it restarts, is there a way to make the P key block it from working? Making it work again only when i press a button?

Note:: While i’m asking this, i’m trying to find something to do this.

Thank you again.

like so?.. no text …

stopwatch2.v4p (6.7 kB)

Really thanks.

You use 4V to VJying?