Resetting mouse at incrementCycle mode

Hello everyone,
i am very new to v4, so my question is hopefully easy to answer…

I want to detect the speed of a rotating disc with a mouse - which works fine so far.
But using the incrementCycle mode the values at some point get too high.
So i would like to “reset” the mouse-node when a defined value is reached (see attachment).
To do this i thought i should send two numbers (0 and 1) to the mouse-node. So with this i switch it off and on again…
Is this the right way? Or is there a more logic way?
What nodes should i use?


Mousedetect.v4p (3.8 kB)

i’d love to know how many many miles you ride your mice, or what exactly you mean by “the values get too high”

try the Real Part output of Frac (Value). It keeps the funky behaviour of the mouse but your value is wrapped in an interval of 0 to 1