Resetting LFO while Cycles>0, causes it to change twice

hi vvvvolks.
I just run into a behavior that I didn´t expect.
When I am resetting an LFO(via a bang) AND the Cycles is > 0, it causes the LFO output two bangs on the Change in a very short interval (I assume one frame).

You can recognize it in the attached patch, that Counter increments by two.

In this case, shouldn´t it bang only once?


EDIT: Forgot to attach the patch. It also somehow created this post twice.

CounterReset.v4p (5.6 kB)

hello again

Since I started this thread to document unexpected behavior of the LFO (Animation), I continue using it to add another point which surprised me. Actually I think its a bug.

When I reset the LFO (Animation) while Reverse is on, Cycles is 0 (as expected), but only for one frame. After that frame, it jumps to -1, although the Period is longer than this one frame (e.g. one sec)

I think this should be fixed.


LFO_Reverse_Reset.v4p (4.3 kB)

I attached a simple queueu to your patch, and it looks like when you reset the LFO, you get 2 bangs and 2 times a value of zero.

So good news is, no weird values, just doubles.

CounterResetQueue.v4p (8.7 kB)

true, no weird values. though it really depends whats hanging on these numbers and bangs ;)

The work around to only catch one bang is a not (boolean) and an and (boolean), but still this is buggy behaviour.

LFO work arround.v4p (6.6 kB)

the double bang is fixed for both forward and reverse case.

the issue that the LFO is in cycle 0 on reset and changes in reverse mode to cycle -1 in the next frame is correct by definition…