Reset User(Kinect OpenNI)

hi everyone.
Is there a way to RESET User Texture Output without moving depth camera.
e.g. sometimes my chair is identified as User and I can’t get rid off.
generally would be nice to have more control over output:
threshold? fixed range feature?
cheers, dimi

the current openni implementation does not allow for this. not sure about mskinect or openni 2.0 (which still is looking for an implementor).

hi joreg,
thanks for explanation
another question: simple chain

  1. I take RGB
  2. set alpha by user texture = RGB without BG
    is works fine for all postFX, but
    if I use it for particle Emmiter, then I can see some RGB data is still there.
    so BG alpha is not killed there.
    change Format doesnt help.

edit: found my mistake - everything work as expected