Reset Multiple (queued) Lines?

Hi there!

So, when I have a line moving about and it reaches its destination, I can reset the Queue to prevent it from drawing a jump to its starting position.
Simple enough.
But, uh, what if I have more lines? Of different durations/intervals? An undisclosed number of lines, on top of that. To my horror, I’ve just found out that apparently I never had the need to realize that the Queue-node’s controlling inputs don’t accept spreads? Which makes sense, now that I think about it. Still, big problem.

Anyone any ideas? I haven’t tried it out, but would Store be a good place to look? Thanks.

see attached patch, maybe.

queueLines.v4p (17.8 kB)

here a solution with Buffer (Spreads) which is completely spreadable except for the Reset

Store would also work, initializing the needed size would be a switch more, but you could save a couple when reseting.

queueLinesSpread.v4p (29.2 kB)

Hey Woei,

eventually I realized that I basically just need to have the Bang do Alpha=0 when a line finishes (d’oh), which does the job well enough. Man, the bigger a patch gets, the worse my skills become…
However, your help files are always super useful to study, so many Thanks!