Resample (Grid 2D)

Hi there,

I want to resample a grid to a higher resolution. The probem exists because I have a grid that is already at a very high resolution (when I set it even higher, the gfx card passes out), but it is stretched over several screens. Now one of these screens has a much higher resolution than the others, and suddenly the edges of the grid become visible through the shader lightening.

I patched my way, until I realized, that I actually have to take both dimensions into account, when I want to calculate a smoothly interpolated point between two points in x ynd y direction. "bi"cubic interpolation hence the name. Does anybode have an idea how to put this

formula into a patch or the expr node?

thanks in advance,


ask tonfilm,
i think he did something like this.

i remember that tonfilm wrote a bicubic shader function. but since we don’t have geometry shaders within dx9 you can’t add inbetween points within a shader and so i think he used this function within a pixelshader just to get smooth texturemapping or so.

so you have to patch that.
after skyping: did the built-in “GridEditor (EX9)” module help you out?