Resample 2D grid?

Hi All

I have a problem I am certain I am not the first one to solve. I need to get more lines from two lines and need to resample.

But Resample (Spreads) deos not behave the way I expect when using the bin size.

please check attached patch

thanks in advance


ResampleCurve.v4p (12.7 kB)

Thanks to @elektromeier I now have a solution, see attached patch.

but might I suggest a Resample (Value 2D) or whatever the name might be for the plugin coders, that would be a bit like scaling images up or down.


ResampleCurveELE.v4p (9.6 kB)

Spread the Binsize pin, or spread the spreadcount pin. Dunno what is better, both work.

When you say to the Resample node, hey, I want 6 values as an output, you will get 6 values ;). When you say, I want 10 times 6 values, you will get 60 values.

Now, beacuse of the use of the vector node to make xyz pairs, I used the swapdim node, to match them up.

edit: Hehe, Ele beat my to it…

ResampleCurve_1.v4p (14.4 kB)

for this case there’s an easier solution.

doesn’t work for a more generic version though

ResampleCurve_2.v4p (8.2 kB)