Requesting c# tuto plugin?

Hi all !
just a litllt suggestion, request:
It would be a great point of start to make a video tuto which starts from an existent windows form application and goes into vvvv plugins…

I guess it could help a lot of people which don’t have any c# background…to see the method in visual studio…

I thought that for instance make a skype plugins from a skype windows form (retrieve skype contacts whith auto enum in vvvv, make calls, …) would be a good thing, that everybody could test…

what do you think of that ? I would be very interested if some of you would do such tuto :-)
(even if I know that you are pretty busy with vl right now…)

…this is just a little wish from a simple man :-)
take care and vvvv fo ever !!!

vvvv docs provides these links:

if you’re not particularly into reading things:

if you specifically looking for vvvv plugin interfaces:

hope I could help.

Hey thanks microdee !!
really interesting links.
I was searching for more specific tutos how to adpat an existing c# code and transform it in a vvvv plugin.
I dont have any good method to do so…that is the aim of my request ;-)
thanks !

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